About Us

Why Rochfern

                         Rochfern is a small team, works on agricultural innovation, gardening, production of safe food and beautiful plants in homesteads by application of integrated farming methods and Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) with the cutting-edge technology.

                         Our objective is to promote smart farming in every household and safe food productions thereby making you a supplier in food security by the collective effort of people like you. We work for the development of kitchen garden, creation of green spaces with beautiful flowering and ornamental plants.

Why We Are Unique

                            We will help you to develop a good home garden by DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) through empowering you with the most modern development in the field of landscaping, home gardening and plant management that meet your requirement. We connect you with a qualified expert in the field.
                            Development of smart farming solutions to the small household in urban and rural areas where the land area for farming is a limiting factor through the application of data management.