Potting Mix Preparation for Grow Bag Farming

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Potting Mix Preparation for Grow Bag Farming

The success of grow bag farming depends on many factors one of the main factors is planting media used for the cultivation of plants. Media mix requirements vary according to the species of plant. In general, a mixture consists of 2:1:1 of soil, sand /coir, and compost/dry cow dung. There are other combinations as well in this we will discuss the making of the above mixture.

Preparation of soil- it is better to sieve the soil to remove large stones or sharp objects in the soil as it damages the grow bags. It is better to take read soil with good organic matter. Soil is the main part of the medium it will act as a storehouse of nutrients for the growth of plants.

Sand it is added to ensure proper drainage and to reuse the compaction of soil, if sand is not available  it can be substituted with coir pith. The addition of sand or coir pith will improve the soil texture  and it will help in the root development.

Compost or dry cow dung will improve the organic matter in the soil and the best source of essential nutrients for the growth of plants.


Solarization of Grow bag Potting mix

In the solarization process, solar energy is used to heat the potting mix,  to get solar energy potting mix will be made into a heap covered with a transparent polyethylene cover for 15 to30 days in an open ground.

Steps to solarize your potting mix

  1. Clear an open area of where amble sunlight available
  2. Wet the potting media and mix it well.
  3. Using a transparent plastic sheet cover potting media,
  4. Put some weight on the sides of the cover to prevent movement of the cover.
  5. Keep media undercover for at least 30 days under the hot sun in the summer months.
  6. Then remove the cover and use for grow bag filling



Main advantage of soil solarization is., it sterilize the potting media used for grow bag farming by this bacteria, insects, nematodes, and the seed of weed in the potting mix will get perished. It is a non chemical eco friendly method for controlling pests and weed growth.


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