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Live Orchid Vanda Medium size plant ( Pakchong Blue)

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LIGHTG-Greenhouses need to have netting that allows 50-60% of light to pass through.  For those who do not have a greenhouse, an east or west-facing balcony that receives about 2-3 hours of direct sunlight will be ok.

WATER-Watering can be limited to on to two time in week during monsoon but need daily watering during summer months.

TEMPERATURE-Vandas grow ideally at a temperature range between 20-35 degrees Celsius.  They can tolerate temperatures 5 degrees above and below this range without problems.

HUMIDITY-Vandas grow well in a humid climate much more than other orchids plants  do not have any water storage organs like pseudobulbs .

POTTING AND FERTILIZER-In high-humidity areas, vandas can be grown bare root if they can be provided adequate amounts of water during the hottest months.  In low-humidity regions, it is better to pot vandas up in well-aerated containers or wooden slat baskets with very coarse, water retaining media and keep them suspended.  Fertilizing can be done once every fifth watering.  For adult plants, a bloom fertilizer can be given just as in the case with watering, i.e. until the roots turn green.