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ROCHFERN Plastic Hanging Pot, White, Open Diameter - 19.5cm, Bottom Diameter - 12cm, Height - 11.5 cm

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Hanging Pots Add Beauty To House Building It Acts Complementary To The Modern Trendy Vertical Gardens. Hanging Pots With Plants Add Beauty To Balcony. This Pot Does Not Have A Tray To Hold Excess Water Which Pores Into The Potting Medium So We Have To Very Careful When We Irrigate Plant. Hanging Plant Pots Are Ideal If Space Is A Limiting Factor For Setting Stands And Tables For Indoor Garden Plants It Is Best Suited To Indoor Like Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms And Kitchen. This Plant Pots Do Not Have Pot Plates Or Bottom Tray Hence It Is Necessary To Put Limited Quantity Of Water And Should Use Ideal Potting Media Like Cocopeat Or Any Like Material Which Can Hold Water. It Is Possible To Irrigate Plant With Micro-Irrigation Techniques Like Drip Irrigation Or By Sprinkler Or By Small One Or Two Litter Hand Spray. It Is Very Cost Effective Compared To Self-Watering Plant Pots. Addition Of Soil Nutrients Will Help The Plants Grow Healthy, It Is Recommended To Use Organic Manure Like Compost, Vermicompost And Other Micro And Macronutrients In A Very Small Way. Rochfern Hanging Pots Come In Other Colours Like Green, Terracotta, Reddish Brown, And Multi Colours In Addition To Black Colour. Rochfern Brad Has Other Product Like Grow Bags And Umbrella Are Available Other Products Like Orchid Cone Pot, Large Ground Pot For Plants,Self-Watering Pot Are In Pipeline. This Can Be Used For Hanging Artificial And Living Plants Alike.