Tips for Selecting Succulent Plants [ Indoor Plants ]

by | May 30, 2021 | Blog, Indoor Plants


Indoor plants are an important component in modern home décor. Its demand has soared up due to Covide-19 imposed lockdown. Now a days most people are forced to prefer to work from home due to the pandemic. Succulent Plants (Indoor plants) not only enhance the beauty of the home but also ameliorate air quality if you choose the right plants. Based on a report published in once a social media poster appeared saying people in the Philippines are now effected with “PLANTDEMIC” due to obsession towards plants shown by many of them.


But most of us don’t know which plant has to select to meet our needs. Each plant has its own demand for growth factors like light, water, etc. In the case of indoor plants light requirement is a cardinal factor that we have considered in our selection.

There is high variation of light availability in indoor space, say for example light in the bedroom and drawing room will be different, similarly light availability in the window sills will be different compared to the corner of the same room. Most people prefer plants that need little attention in terms of care, watering, at the very same time these plants have to keep their good look with less effort.

If you walk into the nursery you will be shown a large number of indoor plants and often we get perplexed which is to select. You may feel like all the plants look good but it is our responsibility to select the right plant to address our requirement.

Consideration to Select Indoor Plants

Climate- It is an important factor even in the selection of indoor plants. Most indoor plants in vogue are succulent, which are trending in the market now. Succulents like dry air with less humidity. So these plants are not suitable in areas with high relative humidity at the very same time they grow well in a dry climate.

Light- It is a very important factor to consider when we go for indoor plants.Where we are going to place the plant, like the drawing-room, bedroom corners, etc. It is suggested to go for plants with more chlorophyll like ZZ plant in dark areas of a room. At the very same time if we are plan to grow plants near the window sill you can go for leafy plants with less chlorophyll like money plant, aglaonema, Sansevieria, etc.

Effort in Maintenance- Indoor plants that need less attention are in high demand. Among indoor plants succulent plants need very little attention in terms of watering and other maintenance requirements, it made succulents darling of everybody.

Four Top Trending Succulent Plants

1. ZZ Plant ZZ stands for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. It has thick leaves and stems. Plant store lots of water in its cell, hence they need less watering, moreover leaves have a waxy coating it will prevent transpiration loss of water. It has a dark green leaf that is rich in chlorophylls so it can be put in a dark part of the room where light is very low. It is a good plant for the bedroom, wash counter, and areas where light is less.
zz plant
2. Peperomia Plant Peperomia has green think leaves, have a waxy coating over the foliage. Plant grow very slow and need very less water. It is rich in chlorophylls hence it can be put in a dark part of the room where light is very low. It is a good plant for the bedroom, wash counter, and areas where light is less.
3. Crypthanus It is another succulent variety, it grows very slowly, it has fewer chlorophylls hence it can be placed over window sills where you get natural filtered light. If you put this plant in a dark area it will develop more chlorophylls and became unattractive.
4. Mother in laws tongue (Sansevieria) Mother in laws tongue or Sansevieria doesn’t have a specific stem, these plants have green and yellow colour leaves have fewer chlorophylls they prefer sunny areas. It is the best place near window sills where plants get natural filtered light. If it is kept indoors where light is poor leaves will turn green and it will become unattractive. It is the most common succulent plant.


Watering in the Succulent Plant

It needs watering in 7 to 10 days, when you water the plant give a very small amount of water to the growing medium without touching leaves. Leaves can be cleaned by hand using a cloth once in two weeks.


Succulent plants are very easy to manage plants. They are xerophytes which live in dry tract like the desert where water availability is very less and nutrient status of the soil is very poor. Choose a potting medium that is rich in sand that facilitates easy drainage of excessive water. An additional care need is not to overwater the pant at any stage of the plant.

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